Zoning Violations

The City of Cedar Hills appreciates conscientious citizens who report violations of city codes and ordinances. The city aggressively investigates and prosecutes such violations. Violators are given a reasonable opportunity to correct the violation. However, if the violation is not corrected in the allotted time, the city will issue citations and fines.

When filing a complaint, please provide the following information:

  1. Name of violator (if available)

  2. Address of violation

  3. Detailed description of violation. Please be as specific as possible; i.e., “My neighbors weeds are two feet tall. They are located at the southwest corner of his lot behind the fence.”

  4. Photographs, diagrams, etc. (desired, but not required)

  5. Your name and phone number (desired, but not required)

Upon receipt of the complaint, a case number and a primary enforcement officer will be assigned to the case. Generally, the complaint is investigated within 48 hours. If the nature of the violation creates an immediate danger to life or property, it will be investigated immediately so that appropriate actions can be taken and other agencies can be notified, if necessary.

Submit complaints via the Report Violation Form.