Public Works Department


Kevin Anderson
ext. 202

Department Assistant

Melanie Clark
ext. 200

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the City’s infrastructure, such as the culinary water and pressurized irrigation systems, sanitary sewer, public streets, storm water, parks, trails, walkways, storm water basins, and other maintained areas. Part of the oversight includes ongoing inspections, which may result in general improvements on public right-of-ways, earthwork, surfacing, surface restoration, water and sewer lines, manholes, storm drains, curb, gutter, waterways, sidewalks, signs, parks, etc.

The Public Works Department labors to install, maintain, and repair the City water supply, water transmission, and water distribution systems. The department also monitors pump stations, water tanks, and telemetry equipment.

Reports are completed on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis for a sanitary survey and for culinary water, pressurized irrigation, and storm water inspection and testing. Currently, the City owns and operates a water utility system, serving around 2,400 residential connections. This water is provided through City wells and connections with American Fork’s water system.

Cedar Hills has constructed a secondary irrigation system throughout the City. Over time, the City will construct additional storage space, develop new sources of water, provide for additional water rights, and make various improvements to the existing water and pressurized irrigation distribution network.

Cedar Hills provides and maintains all existing sewer lines within the City. Currently, sewer services are provided to nearly all portions of Cedar Hills, with the exception of a few individual properties located in the south-central portion of the City. Storm drain improvements will be completed and will include the installation of retention and detention basins, installation of storm drain lines, maintenance and improvement of existing storm drain sumps, and possible treatment of storm water.

The Public Works Department is home to the City maps, plans, plats, drawings, project estimates, specifications and contracts relating to public improvements and engineering affairs. Cedar Hills maintains approximately 28 miles of road.