Business License Applications

The City of Cedar Hills welcomes and encourages businesses within its community. Much of our local business is made up of small, locally owned home occupation businesses. The city’s current business license ordinance indicates the requirements and any restrictions in operating a home occupation business, as well as other types of businesses.

Business Licensing Ordinance

Home Office Applications

Home Office Application with No-Impact (No public, clients, or non-residing employees)

Annual Home Office Renewal Application

Home Business Applications

Home Business Application with Low-Impact (Public, salons, clients, non-residing employees, or storage of hazardous materials)

Home Business Application with Impact (Pre-School, Daycare, Group Instruction with 4+ individuals, etc.)

  • $90 with a 1 time set-up fee of $20 - Click Here

  • Fire & Safety Inspection by AF Fire Department - (801)-763-3040

  • Background Check

Annual Home Business Renewal with Low-Impact Application

Annual Home Business Renewal with Impact Application

Commercial Business Licenses

Commercial Business License Application

  • $135 with a 1 time set-up fee of $20 - Click Here

  • Fire & Safety Inspection by AF Fire Department - (801) 763-3040

  • Health Department Certificate (If applicable)

Annual Renewal Application

Beer License Application

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's)

STR (Short Term Rental), Airbnb & VRBO (Less than 30 day stay)
$150.00 Conditional Use Permit + $25.00 Business License Application

Solicitation/Peddler Licenses

Solicitation/Peddler License

  • $80 with a 1 time set-up fee of $20 - Click Here

  • Background Check – Within the state you reside in

  • Door to Door Solicitation badge provided by the city - $5 per solicitor

Annual Renewal Application

Prior to applying for a Cedar Hills business license, an individual should contact the State of Utah to ensure that all state-mandated requirements have been met. Go to the State of Utah Website, where you will find all of the information that you need. You may also contact the State of Utah by phone at 1-877-526-3994.

  • Business owners may request to have their business information printed on this website.

  • Business license information is generally considered public record, except for private information such as birth dates or social security numbers.

  • Depending on the type of business, safety and fire inspections may be required with an associated inspection fee.

  • Business licenses are valid until the anniversary date, at which time a renewal application will be automatically sent to the business owner.

Frequently Asked Questions