Dog Licenses

The City of Cedar Hills appreciates responsible pet owners! We depend on pet owners to keep their dogs properly vaccinated and licensed. Licensing for cats is currently not necessary.

Dogs may be licensed at two locations and can also be done ON-LINE!  To license on-line, click this link.

By appointment only

To receive a dog license, please show a copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate from your veterinarian, indicating that your dog is current on its vaccine. Also, be prepared to pay the current fee. (Checks only. NO CASH OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS. Make all checks to NUVAS.) The current prices are as follows:


The dog owner is then given an identification tag, which is maintained in an animal identification report to assist police in quickly returning lost pets to their owners.

The rabies tag that you received from your vet is not a license. City ordinance requires that all dogs be licensed. This also allows your pet to be returned safely to you in the event that it is lost.

The City of Cedar Hills contracts with American Fork Police for animal control enforcement. Impounded animals are taken to the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter in Lindon.

Dog Licensing – A Compassionate Law

Anyone who has experienced the anxiety, panic, and sorrow of having lost a dog understands how important it is to license your pet. Our pets look to us as their owners to bring them back home when they have wandered. One of the most basic and effective things we can do for our pets is to license them. A license is an up-to-date, visible identification of your pet that includes many other benefits such as:

  • Helps veterinarians contact pet owners should your pet become injured and be in need of life-saving medical treatment

  • Ensures that dogs are vaccinated against rabies, a fatal disease in both animals and humans

  • Saves the owner money on animal control/shelter impound fees

  • Assures compliance with Utah State law and therefore forbids a citation for failure to have a license

  • Helps anyone who finds your pet know that your pet has an owner and is not an abandoned animal in need of a new home

  • Is a key to emergency planning, helping owners and pets reunite in the event of separation during an emergency

In short, licensing your dog saves you time, money, heartache, and is your pet’s ticket home.


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