Special Events Permit

Special Event Permit Application

Special Event Payment (after approval)

Organizers of events, such as block parties held on a street, craft fairs and the like, will need to fill out an application with the City of Cedar Hills, pay a $100 fee, and show insurance. The application must be filed with the city 60 days before the event, and the applicant cannot advertise the event until the application is approved.

The special events ordinance provides a framework for the city to allow residents and organizations to stage events on public property. The council said this ordinance is needed because it sets rules on how and when event organizers can affect the flow of traffic and other public rights. Residents do not need an application for getting together as groups or families, but if the rights of others are going to be disrupted, the ordinance must be followed.

If you wish to conduct a public event within the city, please complete the Special Event Permit Application and submit it to the city office for approval, after which you may use the Payment Form above to pay the fee.

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