Road Surface Maintenance

General Overview

Pavement maintenance is a vital process in the city’s street management program. The City of Cedar Hills evaluates each road every three years. The evaluation identifies road surface deficiencies and establishes the residual surface life (RSL). The city has a policy to maintain streets at an average RSL of 12 years, according to GASB 34 requirements. The evaluation and RSL components define the type and timing of street improvements, including surface rejuvenation, patching, and replacement.

Road Repair Projects

In the past, residents have inquired about these improvements, including why the repairs were done and how the roads are improved, etc. Here are the full details about how the City prioritizes road projects, including general information about maintenance applications:

How does the city prioritize road projects?

  1. The city has a road maintenance schedule, created to maximize the design life of the roads within Cedar Hills. This plan calls for various road projects to be completed, based on age, type, traffic, etc. This schedule was created and customized for our city by IWORQ Management Systems to provide a method of budgeting funds for ongoing projects.

  2. Pavement maintenance is a vital process in the city’s street management program. We rely on professional expertise, when considering various street projects. We look for the most cost effective, practical, and durable method of surface rejuvenation.

  3. Typically, there are four major categories for road repair: crack seal, chip/slurry seal, asphalt overlay, and road reconstruction. All methods are implemented as advised by professionals to extend the life of our streets.

  4. The current methods for road maintenance are those that are advised and approved for the climate and conditions in our area. All cities in our area use the same applications. These are tested treatments, which yield a positive roadway lifespan result.

  5. The city continually investigates and evaluates new types of surface rejuvenation procedures. As new, more successful processes are available, the city reviews those options.