Commercial Development

As-Built Requirements (for Developers and Surveyors)

These requirements are provided here to inform potential developers and surveyors of the City of Cedar Hills standards and to assist them in creating an as-built file for submittal to the city.

Design Standards and Specifications (for Developers and Engineers)

The standards and requirements contained herein shall apply to all development and/or construction within the corporate limits of Cedar Hills.

Current Commercial Development Map
The map below shows Cedar Hills’ current commercial development. We're fortunate to have a diverse array of businesses, including a robust group that are home-based. Whether commercial or residential, we feature all local businesses on our City website (if the business requests it.) When you shop locally, 0.10% of 1% of sales tax goes to our PARC fund. PARC stands for parks, arts, recreation, and culture. Not only does shopping locally boost the economy, it directly impacts your community!

Please note that the City does not own the commercial land or choose potential tenants, the developers do. Currently, we have several approved projects in various stages of construction. While tenants have yet to be confirmed, we're committed to keeping the community informed! We strive to have the most recent information on the website and Cedar Hills. If you have questions, call us at 801-785-9668.

commerical zone map