October 5, 2020

The Fall season brings cooler weather which means yard work is coming to a close until Spring.  The Public Works Department will begin their winterizing process for the pressurized irrigation system on October 12th. Your PI water will no longer be flowing by October 15th until it is re-energized in the Spring.  Draining the irrigation system takes a few days to complete. The higher (elevation) your irrigation system is, the sooner it will be out of water.
To assist with the process, the City asks that you leave your individual irrigation system valve in the same position it has been through the summer to water your lawn.  No need to do anything right now! Yay! This will allow for proper drainage of the system. All private, commercial, and public irrigation systems should be completely drained to prevent damage to the system’s components due to freezing water inside the pipes and valves. Prior to the system being energized in the Spring, we will remind you to “close” your individual valves. Closing your valves will protect your system from water pressure spikes as the City system fills.
If your sprinkler system is still in service after October 18th, please notify the City. The City will provide an investigation for a possible cross connection.