The area to receive crack seal maintenance is highlighted in yellow.

October 17, 2016

The Public Works Department will conduct crack sealing maintenance on streets in a selected section of the city. It is anticipated that the work will start in November and end in April 2017.

Crack sealing will be applied in the following subdivisions: Cedar Run, Apple Blossom, Landmark Estates, Temple Ridge, and Bridgestone. Please refer to the attached map for the specific area to be treated.

Crack sealing is a maintenance method used to extend the useful life of a road surface. Cedar Hills uses a hot method to seal road cracks. The cracks are cleaned out with compressed air, and a hot fluid material is injected into the cracks, which are then leveled with an attachment on the injection wand. The optimal time to apply the material is when air temperatures are between 30 to 40 degrees and after the roads have contracted due to cold temperatures.

Cedar Hills is fortunate to have its own crack seal equipment. We have reduced the cost of crack sealing by completing the work in-house. We are confident that the streets receive a better application, as we can schedule the work to be completed during optimal conditions.