December 8, 2021

Keeping roads clear of additional vehicles increases safety for other drivers and reduces obstructions during snow removal. If cars are parked on a street during snow removal operations, the street may not get plowed, due to an increased risk for damage and collision.

On snowy days or during snow/ice removal, citations will be issued for all vehicles left in a public right-of-way.

Please keep vehicles off street/sidewalks areas when:

  • Snow is falling, or there is a visible amount of snow on the street.
  • Streets have not been plowed since the last snowfall.
  • Between the hours of 1:00am to 7:00am (November 1 through March 31) or for any continuous period of more than 48 hours.

Also, please refrain from removing snow or ice from your property and placing it in the roadway of any street. This makes it difficult to keep roads cleared, and doing so creates dangerous conditions for all motor vehicles.