August 11, 2014

A sincere THANK YOU to the residents of Cedar Hills! Our “water–ometer” shows that irrigation consumption this past week dropped significantly. Granted, we did receive significant rainfall, which was much needed. Both the citizens and the city facilities responded by cutting back on consumption, and the numbers show it. Many of the wells and pumps were able to rest, and the irrigation ponds were able to fill. So, thank you. 

All residents are invited to a town hall meeting to be held on August 14, 2014 at 6:00 pm at the  Cedar Hills Community Center. A discussion regarding the pressurized irrigation system, and a recent water study completed by Hansen Allen & Luce will be presented. We will also have a discussion about water conservation and what the city is doing to conserve irrigation water, followed by a question and answer session regarding any water issues you may want to discuss. Please plan on attending.