March 24, 2022


It is well known that Utah has experienced severe drought conditions over the past several years. Despite improved snow pack this year our reservoirs are still well below capacity. Historically, the Cedar Hills area uses considerably more water per capita than recommended. Conserving water is important as we move into the spring and summer months.

In an effort to lead out on conservation, the City is implementing several measures to help cut back our water use:

-Replace grass in roundabouts and planters with hardscape and low-water localscapes

-Shorten watering season by 21 days, from April 20-September 30

-Begin installation of residential pressurized irrigation meters

-Allow for more drought tolerant landscape design around commercial buildings and park strips

-Continue rotating odd/even watering days

We need everyone’s help to stretch our limited water resources! Even small changes can make a big difference. Please join us by finding ways to reduce your personal water use.

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