October 31, 2013

The City is looking for volunteers to participate in a Cedar Hills Water Conservation Committee. On a state-wide level, Utah’s water needs have been at the forefront of concern from the Governor’s office down to the individual consumer. Cedar Hills will be joining in “seeking innovative solutions from the public that don’t break the bank or dry up our streams—ideas that are a win-win for all Utahns.”

In August, the City reported that our current pressurized irrigation (PI) consumption was 1.2 BILLION gallons to date this season! This rate of consumption, based on the state recommended outdoor water usage, is enough water for 9,160 homes. Cedar Hills currently has 2,550 homes. The City was forced to supplement the PI system with culinary water from City wells to meet irrigation demands.

The intent behind forming this Conservation Committee is to create a communication campaign and policy for Cedar Hills that will balance the needs of our citizens with responsible consumption. If you are passionate about conservation or have professional expertise in this regard, please contact Mayor Gary Gygi or City Manager David Bunker at 801-785-9668 or e-mail frontdesk@cedarhills.org.