A new directional sign was vandalized twice after its installation on Canyon Road.

Vandalism is an issue we continue to have throughout the city, and it comes with a high price tag. Over the past few years we have spent almost $140,000 to replace or repair items that have been vandalized. This is a low estimate as many items that are considered vandalism, such as flooding park restroom toilets, are not counted in this total. Some of the issues include:

· Graffiti on signs, trees, fences, park restrooms, playground equipment, etc.

· Destruction to the sewer system, which resulted in damage to the homes of a few residents

· Destruction of newly poured concrete

· Rocks being thrown through lit signs

· Damaging grass in roundabouts and parks from driving on it

· Stolen equipment

· Trees being cut down

· Broken streetlights

· Broken basketball backboards

This list is not all-inclusive but highlights many of the consistent problems we are having. Each incident is reported to the police department but it isn’t often that the vandals are caught. The city is looking at ways to address this problem but we need the help of others. If you notice anything concerning, please contact American Fork Police Dispatch at 801-763-3020.

Please also talk with your kids and help them to understand the impacts from vandalism. Reports have indicated that getting youth involved in vandalism prevention has one of the greatest impacts on reducing vandalism issues.

All vandalism-related replacements and repairs are paid for with tax dollars, so this is an issue that affects us all. We appreciate your help.

-Jenney Rees, City Council