September 25, 2020

The Utah County Health Department has issued a Public Health Order in light of increased positive COVID test rates in our county. (A copy of the complete Order is attached for your review) Although our City policy has already been to wear face coverings in most situations, we want to reiterate this direction based on the latest County order:
Each individual within Utah County must wear a face covering in public areas, including any indoor or outdoor space open to the public, where consistent physical distancing of at least six feet from any other individual who does not dwell in the same household is not possible, reasonable, or prudent.
There are a few exemptions to the order, but a number of questions have been related to those who work outdoors. When feasible, a mask should be worn, but there is an exemption for some strenuous physical activities such as swimming and running (see below). Other strenuous activities may include mowing, roadwork, etc. If you have questions about specific activities, please contact your department head, Chandler, or me.
3.9 an individual engaging in strenuous physical activity where circumstances are not reasonably conducive to wearing a face covering, such as swimming, running, etc. 
The CDC recommends wearing face coverings AND physical distancing whenever feasible. They emphasize that face coverings should ALWAYS be worn when less than 6’ apart.
We hope that you will do your part to follow the City and County guidelines. Together we can get through this. When in doubt, please use a face covering!