June 24, 2020

Utah Central Region Youth Pickleball Tournament Registration has closed and the brackets are set for the first official Utah Recreation and Parks Association Youth Pickleball tournament!

 Based on the numbers that registered in each division some of the start times have been adjusted….please note accordingly:

The Mixed Doubles Divisions will be on Friday Morning

 8 am – Combined 3.5/4.0 Mixed Doubles

 10 am –2.5 Mixed Doubles and 3.0 Mixed Doubles

Saturday will be the Women’s and Men’s Doubles”

8 am Combined 3.5/4.0 Boy’s Doubles

10 am – Combined 2.5/3.0 Girl’s Doubles

10 am – 2.5 Boy’s Doubles

12 pm – 3.0 Boy’s Doubles

Since the USAPA Junior Tournament Of Champions has been canceled this year….we are changing the tournament format to Round Robin. For divisions with at least 9 teams…there will be two pools and a playoff for determining the medals. For the skill levels that were combined, Medals will be awarded separately for each skill level.

Please note the following: Please arrive at least 30 minutes early in order to check-in and warm up. In order to reduce the crowding….the walkways between the courts will be closed except for teams moving on or off of the courts. No food or refreshments provided as part of the tournament…please plan accordingly. Feel free to message me…or email me if you have any questions or concerns: cgthack1@gmail.com