April 20, 2018

Throughout the year TSSD (Timpanogos Special Service District) cleans and inspects the city’s sewer lines. The cleaning process consists of jetting the sewer lines at a minimum pressure to scour the pipes. Please be advised that during this process pressured air may be released through the pea traps of toilets, sinks, and floor drains at your residence. Here is the cleaning and inspection schedule for 2018:  

Thurs., February 22

Wed., March 28

Wed., April 18

Mon., April 30

Tues., May 15

Thursl, June 14

Wed., July 18

Tues., July 31

Tues., August 28

September: TBD

Thurs., October 11

Tues., October 30

November: TBD

Tues.,  December 18