The format for the Council Corner will change with the New Year. Instead of having a monthly article, each member of the council will have the opportunity to provide a link to their council blog, where they can share city-related information with residents. We hope this new method will increase communication and will provide a variety of views on the important topics facing our city.

Jenney Rees

Every year we look for many residents who are willing to volunteer in a variety of ways on committees or for events. These volunteers help us provide activities and services that make Cedar Hills a wonderful place to live. I encourage all residents to help in any way you can. Read “New Year’s Goals? Put Volunteering on Your List” found at:

Rob Crawley

This past year has been an intense one for me on the City Council because of the controversial subject of the golf course. I believe I have a unique perspective of the golf course and of the process that has been followed by the city, as I have discussed how the golf course came to be with as many people involved as possible and have researched into the finances of the golf course for approximately four years. I encourage all residents to read the conclusions that can be drawn from this research: “I Support a Citizen’s Initiative on the Future of the Golf Course” found at: