Council members have the opportunity to provide links to their council blogs, where city-related information can be shared. We hope this will increase communication and will provide a variety of views on the important topics facing our city. 

Jenney Rees

In November the City Council placed a moratorium on new applications for the commercial zone, while the city reviews the zoning and development ordinances for that zone. Part of this process includes a survey of residents. When this short survey arrives I encourage residents to complete it, so the final plans will better reflect the desires of the community. Read “Feedback on the Commercial Zone” found at:

Daniel Zappala

The city is currently revising our zoning and development ordinances for the commercial zone. We will be collecting extensive public feedback to ensure that the changes reflect resident preferences and protect property rights. The changes will also be reviewed by our legal council to ensure that they meet the requirements of state and federal code. My blog summarizes our process to date so that residents can be ready to provide feedback to the planning commission and city council. My Council blog is found at:

Rob Crawley

Council blog found at: