August 10, 2017

We are notifying residents that the current utility statement may be incomplete and does not include any payments made July 31 or August 1, 2017. This has caused some paper statements and online auto payment accounts to show a payment unapplied and to incorrectly show a late fee. Finance staff is aware of the error and has made the necessary billing adjustments in the financial system. The late fees were reversed for those households that paid their bill in full by August 1. Your payment and the corrections can be verified online at Xpress Bill Pay.

NOTE: To add to the confusion, if your online auto payment was processed on August 1, it may show a double payment on the account, but only a single payment was actually received. Your online statement will reflect the corrections soon. If you still have questions about your statement, please call the city finance staff at 801-785-9668, ext. 400. We are sorry for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.