January 7, 2022

Some of the most prevalent property crimes that occur in Cedar Hills City are vehicle burglaries and thefts from garages. However, easy steps can be taken to deter them.

Vehicle Burglaries: A vehicle burglary does not require damage to a vehicle to constitute a vehicle burglary. If an individual unlawfully enters a motor vehicle (including through an unlocked door) with the intent to commit a theft, this is a vehicle burglary. Most vehicle burglaries we see in Cedar Hills are opportunistic in nature – meaning they weren’t necessarily planned but, rather, are the result of abrupt decisions based on available (and often easy) opportunities. Almost all vehicle burglaries that occur in Cedar Hills involve unlocked doors and items that are readily visible inside of the vehicle. The best deterrent to this is to ensure your vehicle doors are always locked and that items of value are placed out of sight. These two steps are the simplest but most effective steps that can be taken to prevent these from occurring.

Residential Garages: Throughout the county and the state, we have also seen an increase in the theft of property from attached residential garages. Like vehicle burglaries, the majority of these do not involve forced entry and are opportunistic in nature. These types of thefts are technically considered burglaries because someone has made unlawful entry into a structure with the intent to commit a theft. We often see these types of thefts when garage doors have been left open at night or when a garage has a side man-door that is left unlocked. Entry through a man-door can be effective because it’s potentially quieter and doesn’t rely on the garage having to be left open.

Again, the two simplest and most effective steps we can take to prevent these are to ensure our garage doors are closed (especially at night) and to keep any side doors locked when they are not being used.

Takeaways: Ensure your garage is always closed if you are not outside. Ensure any garage side doors or man-doors are always locked unless actively being used

Be sure to always lock any vehicles which are parked in your driveway or on the road

Be sure to move items in your vehicles so they are not readily visible