April 25, 2013

April 25, 2013 – In response to a request from a private citizen, who desires to serve alcohol at a private event in the Vista room, the City Council voted on April 23, 2013, to allow alcoholic beverages to be served during private events when the Vista room has been rented, provided all appropriate licenses and laws are obtained and followed. Any person who rents the room may have a licensed third party vendor, who is approved by the State of Utah, to serve alcoholic beverages. Alcohol may only be served to adult guests of the private event, and copies of the vendor license and agreement are required prior to the event taking place. All state liquor laws will apply, and an additional cleaning deposit will be required. The City is not obtaining a liquor license and will not be serving alcohol. While it will be allowed to be served during private events, alcohol will only be served by an approved third party vendor hired by the person renting the room. For questions or concerns, please contact Mayor Gary Gygi or City Manager David Bunker.