March 31, 2023

What Is the City Doing to Prepare for Run-Off?
Due to this year’s record-breaking snowpack, it is anticipated that this season’s runoff will create hazardous conditions throughout the community. Cedar Hills is working with other local entities to monitor hillside drainage conditions, irrigation diches, debris basins, and other areas of concern. Cedar Hills staff has identified areas of concern and are diligently watching these areas.
The City does have unfilled sandbags available for residents, specifically those in high-risk areas. These sandbags can be picked up M-F 8 AM to 3 PM at the City Office located at 10246 N Canyon Road, and filled at the St. Andrews area, located at 10900 N Canyon Road. For weekend emergency sandbags, please call the Public Works Emergency number at 801-420-2243. 
For email questions, please contact the City Manager at
What Can Residents Do to Prepare?
  • Inspect your rain gutters and downspouts and confirm they are clear of snow and debris.
  • Check your curb gutters and streets. Ensure they are free from debris.
  • Be sure the storm drains closest to your home are clear and free from obstructions.
  • Pay attention to your home landscaping and concrete slopes. If you have areas that water flows towards your home, consider improvements or sandbags to redirect the water.
  • Please keep children and pets safely away from creek banks and flooding areas.
As we all prepare for possible upcoming storms and flooding, a little preparation will go a long way.
** When sandbags are no longer needed, individuals will be responsible for their disposal.