November 26, 2019

City crews are committed to provide safe winter driving conditions for everyone. Please maintain a safe distance from snow plows. Do not tailgate or try to pass, as they may need to travel slower than regular traffic. Conditions may create reduced visibility behind or next to the plows. Please be patient and allow yourself plenty of space to slow down.

The city’s policy is that the streets will be cleared according to priority, beginning with a minimum accumulation of two inches of snow, and continuing until driving conditions are considered adequately safe. Priority is given according to volume of traffic, location near schools or public buildings, and steepness of grade, etc. Low-volume streets and cul-de-sacs remain the last to be plowed.

The City reminds everyone of it’s snow removal ordinance:

“So as to provide access to snow plows for snow removal, it is unlawful for any person to park or allow to remain parked any vehicle upon streets from November 1 to the following March 31 upon said streets when:

  • Snow is falling.
  • there is a visible amount of snow on the street.
  • The street has not been plowed since the snow fell (City Zone Code, Section 5-2-5f). For more information on snow removal, click here.