Wondering what a new construction project is? Heard a rumor about something happening in the City? We have created a new hot button on the Cedar Hills’ website that may answer those burning questions! The City Office receives numerous phone calls when construction starts on a new project or residents aren’t sure about what may be happening in the community. Although most new happenings have been planned and discussed for months or years, residents may not be aware until they see the dirt moving.

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  1. What is being built behind Walmart?
    Lone Peak Lofts
  2. Construction being done at the golf course 
    New Golf Short Course
  3. What are they building at Heritage Park?
    Heritage Park Construction
  4. What’s going on at the Bayhill Drive roundabout by the golf course? 
    You may begin to notice that the grass at this roundabout is dying.  We are preparing to remove the sod to make way for a brand-new drought tolerant design.  Our Beautification Committee and Parks Staff will be working on this project for the next several months.  To reduce costs,  some of the labor will be done by volunteers. Please be patient throughout this process as the area will look a bit rough until it’s completion.  We feel the change will be worth the effort in the water savings and improved look.