Wondering what a new construction project is? Heard a rumor about something happening in the City? We have created a new hot button on the Cedar Hills’ website that may answer those burning questions! The City Office receives numerous phone calls when construction starts on a new project or residents aren’t sure about what may be happening in the community. Although most new happenings have been planned and discussed for months or years, residents may not be aware until they see the dirt moving.

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  1. What Commercial Businesses are in or coming to Cedar Hills?
    Commercial Zone Map
  2. New Cedar Hills Fire Station4800 W. Harvey Blvd
    The new fire station is actually being constructed by American Fork City. This new station will house the fire/EMS crews that have been using the existing station on Cedar Hills Drive and they will continue to service our community from the new location.  The corner lot that is west of the new station site is not part of the development. The parcel is currently in Utah County, not in Cedar Hills or American Fork.
  3. Pressurized Irrigation Metering
    Utah State Legislature Secondary Water Metering Amendment
    Where are they in the process?
    Contractors are currently working in the north west side of the city going East-then down canyon road to the southern area. When they are in your area there will be a door hanger hung with dates they will be working.
    They are tearing up my yard, are they going to fix it?
    Holes will be backfilled as they go. Yards will be returned to pre-project condition by the end of the project next year and will be laying sod, if needed.
    How much are we going to be billed and when?
    The City will be conducting a rate study with our city engineers before they will see any changes on the bill. Billing for PI usage will happen 2024. This year residents will be able to see how much water they are using so they can make adjustments as needed. 
  4. Starbucks in Cedar Hills?
    A Starbucks Coffeehouse has been proposed to be located in the Cedar Hills Gateway commercial project, south of the Taco Bell. The proposed building will house include only one commercial pad for the location of the Starbucks. The site plan shows that the project will include a drive thru, additional parking, and a patio area. The proposal has gone before the Planning Commission, and will be before the City Council in the upcoming meetings. 
  5. Something New at Walmart-Walmart will be remodeling the following: 
    • Reconfiguring indoor and outdoor pickup, pharmacy, rear office/breakroom, and customer service areas
    • Updating and adding some exterior and interior signage
    • Repainting some portions of building such as area above the entrance and Outdoor area (no bricked facade will be painted)
    • They will also be updating some electrical, refrigeration units, the checkout areas, bathrooms, etc.
  6. What restaurant will be in the same building as Cafe Rio?
  7. Construction being done at the golf course 
    New Golf Short Course
    The improvements to the Cedar Hills Golf Club are looking great! The 6-hole short course is growing in well and we will be exciting to open that for play next season. The hitting bays are ready for use and the practice green should be able to be used within the next few weeks. We are looking forward to having our customers enjoy these beautiful new facilities. 
  8. What is being done at Heritage Park?
    Heritage Park Construction
    Heritage Park is currently undergoing some exciting improvements! A new pavilion, enlarged parking lot, and updated restrooms have already been installed. We are anticipating the installation of a new play structure, tot playground, amphitheater/shell, and landscape improvements in 2023.  Due to this construction, as well as work being performed on the well house located in Heritage Park, we will not be able to accommodate park reservations for the 2023 season. We recognize the impact that the park closure will have but look forward to enjoying Heritage Park when the work has been completed.
  9. UTOPIA Fiber Project – It is coming!
    On December 7, 2021, the City Council agreed to contract with UTOPIA for the construction and maintenance of a fiber-to-the-home project. We are excited to begin working with UTOPIA on this project and look forward to having this service in our community. At this point, the financing has been finalized, and staff is meeting with the construction companies to begin work in our community. The construction process will occur primarily in public utility easements, otherwise known as a PUE. The PUE is typically the first ten feet of a property, beginning at the property line. The PUE allows public utility providers to install necessary infrastructure to deliver services to residents; this includes general municipal services as well as telecommunications, power, and fiber.
    As part of the construction process, it is necessary to run conduit and fiber throughout the City. Crews will notify residents a few days before construction begins in their yard; contact information will be provided at that time for any questions or concerns. Should there be any issues during the construction process, it will be necessary to reach out to the contact information provided in the work notice. Additionally, crews will Blue Stake properties prior to any work being performed. We anticipate that once construction begins, crews will be in Cedar Hills for about a year before the project is completed. Please see the UTOPIA website for more detailed information on the construction process, cost of service, and other FAQs. 
    If you have questions that arise while work is being done on your property, please contact UTOPIA directly.
    Project Manager Assistant: Talisha Bryan – (385)910-6179
    Telecom Division Manager: Darren Woolley – (801)509-2641

  10. Harvey Well Refurbishment Project   
    Harvey Well is a culinary well as is Cottonwood Well.  However, during irrigation season, due to high demands on the irrigation system, we supplement the irrigation system with culinary water.  Because we had a significantly lower culinary output from Harvey Well, we did not want to reduce our available culinary water supply. We receive our irrigation water from the sources that you listed below:  American Fork River, a canyon well, Central Utah Water Project (CUP).
    The City is set to begin a project to refurbish the Harvey Well at Heritage Park. The project will consist of drilling the existing well approximately three hundred feet deeper into the aquifer. Harvey Well was constructed in 1967 as an irrigation well and was later converted into a culinary well. As demand has increased, the well has struggled to keep up. When the well is consistently run, the static water level of the aquifer drops and reduces the effectiveness of the well to keep up with consumption. The City has been working with a team of engineers at Hansen, Allen, and Luce to develop a plan to remedy this issue. On June 14, the City Council awarded a bid for drilling to Water Well Services and the work is set to begin in the middle of August. It is anticipated that the project will run for 6-8 months; during this time, neighbors may experience noise, dust, and other inconveniences associated with construction.   
  11. What is being built south of Extra Space Storage?                                                                                                                          The final plan for Lot 7 in the Cedar Hills Gateway Subdivision Plat B Phase 2, located in the SC-1 Commercial Zone will be dedicated to retail pads. Though we don’t know what exactly will be built, we are excited for future retail locations!


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