November 14, 2019

As America’s largest recycler, Waste Management is at the forefront of developing new ways for our customers to not only recycle more often, but to do it correctly. They are committed to ensuring that recycling remains a convenient and viable solution for our communities and our planet through reliable services for homes and businesses, recycling education and technological advancements that are changing the face of recycling and reuse for the next generation.

One non-recyclable item in your container may seem like a minor detail, but it can contaminate an entire batch of recyclables and prevent them from finding a second life. Waste Management has made the recycling process simpler with mixed recycling, but knowing what can and can’t be recycled and being vigilant about what goes into your bin can help you recycle right, every time.

  1. Recycle empty bottles, cans, paper and cardboard
  2. Keep food and liquids out of your recycling receptacle
  3. Make sure none of the recyclables are bagged, as plastic bags are not recyclable curbside. Check with local retailers for plastic bag recycling options.

To learn more about what items can be recycled and to find helpful resources to set your home, school, business or community up for recycling success, visit Recycle Often, Recycle Right.