April 12, 2021

Pressurized Irrigation Information for 2021

Dear Residents of Cedar Hills:


On March 17, 2021, Governor Spencer Cox issued an Executive Order regarding the current drought conditions in Utah and water conservation. As we approach the summer watering season, the City is exploring various ways that we can conserve water. Typically, the City’s pressurized irrigation (PI) system becomes active on April 15th. Due to significantly decreased run-off from American Fork Canyon the Cedar Hills City Council, and our neighboring cities, have decided to postpone energizing the PI system until May 1st.

By waiting until May 1st to begin watering our lawns, we can help save our springtime water for summer when it will be truly needed. Please watch this informative video to hear from Mayor Andersen and our North Utah County mayors to help explain why this is necessary.

Link to “Save Our Springtime Water” Video

Governor Cox’s Executive Order

Delay of PI System FAQs



Chandler Goodwin
City Manager

Delay of PI System FAQs