January 22, 2013

CEDAR HILLS – As part of the Cedar Hills Champions program, the City Council will recognize thoseresidents who have received the Silver Beaver Scouting Award. This includes Sherman Varney, GeorgeReynolds, Sheldon Talbot, Arlene Smith, Gary Smith, Andrew Gibbons, Reed Swenson, Grant Bangerter,Grant Iverson, Pauline Iverson, Greg Harris, Bob Ogden, Jeffery Pyne, and Brad Sears.

The Silver Beaver award is the highest recognition a Boy Scout council can bestow on an adult volunteerleader. The award is presented to those volunteers who have made outstanding contributions to theScouting program through hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and many years of service. Nominations arerecommended by the local council and approved by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America.
“We are pleased to recognize our residents who have earned this distinguished award,” stated Mayor GaryGygi. “This type of commitment and service has provided countless blessings for the youth they workedwith and our community in general.”

The recognition ceremony will take place during the January 22nd City Council meeting at 7:00pm at theCedar Hills Community Recreation Center.______________________________________________________Media inquiries can be sent to Jenney Rees at jrees@cedarhills.org