August 31, 2012

CEDAR HILLS – During Tuesday’s meeting the Cedar Hills City Council voted unanimously to continuethe push to move into the electronic age by eliminating the printing of paper agenda packets for councilmembers, and instead provide a technology allowance for each elected official to purchase a tablet oftheir choice on which they will receive electronic copies of the agenda packet. The decision came onlyafter a detailed review of the cost benefits.

City Manager David Bunker presented the analysis. Each agenda packet averages 40 pages and the Mayorand Council receive an average of three packets each month. Taking into consideration the material andlabor costs of printing and assembling each packet, the City spends approximately $36.05 per councilmember per month to provide these paper agenda packets. Providing each official with a technologystipend of $550 for a four-year term would reduce that cost to $11.50 per council member per month, withan overall savings of $1178.00 per elected official over a four-year term.

While the full amount of the stipend will be provided upfront for any council member who needs it, eachwill be expected to reimburse the city for the remaining balance if they don’t complete a four-year term.The technology allowance will be pro-rated for the existing Council based upon the number of months leftin their term.
“There are multiple benefits to moving in this direction,” said Mayor Gary Gygi. “The cost savings aregreat and it also strengthens our attempts to be an environmentally friendly city by reducing the amountof paper used each year.”