August 15, 2016

CEDAR HILLS – As part of the Cedar Hills Champions program, the City Council will recognize Spencer Kelley for his bravery in rescuing his son, Connor, from their burning home.

Mr. Kelley ran back into his home to find his son after the rest of his family made it out safely. Despite thick smoke and flames, he was able to find Connor and help him make it to safety. Both suffered significant burns but are recovering well.
“Spencer and Connor Kelley are true heroes,” said Mayor Gary Gygi. “I can’t imagine being in his situation, knowing his son was alone in their house as it burned. I’m grateful they were both able to get out safely and am proud of how our community has rallied around their family.”

The recognition ceremony will take place during the August 16, 2016, City Council meeting at 7:00pm at the Cedar Hills Community Recreation Center, located at 10640 N. Clubhouse Drive. At that meeting the Council will declare August 17, 2016, as Spencer Kelley Day in Cedar Hills.