April 14, 2016

CEDAR HILLS – For the past several years, Cedar Hills has been pleased to have a partnership with the American Fork Police Department. At their next meeting, the City Council will recognize Officer Diego Garcia for his service to the communities of Cedar Hills and American Fork, and for his heroic efforts in saving the life of a woman who had been reported missing and suicidal. 

Officer Garcia was dispatched to the home of a family who reported the woman missing. The woman had left a suicide note on the bathroom mirror but no indication of where she had gone. Officer Garcia began driving through the city searching for her with nothing more than a description of her car and her license plate number. He found her car at a hotel and was able to get in the room where he found her on the bed, unconscious and with cut wrists. He was able to call for an ambulance and assist in getting her to a hospital. The woman survived and is receiving the help she needs. 
“We appreciate the service and commitment of Officer Garcia,” stated Mayor Gary Gygi. “He went above and beyond in doing his best to find this woman and help her family. We are honored to have an outstanding relationship with the American Fork Police Department and consider them one of the best in the state.” 

The recognition ceremony will take place during the April 19, 2016, City Council meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Cedar Hills Community Recreation Center, located at 10640 N. Clubhouse Drive. At that meeting the Council will declare April 20, 2016, as Officer Diego Garcia Day in Cedar Hills.

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