July 6, 2015

CEDAR HILLS – On May 5, 2015, the Cedar Hills City Council voted to implement outdoor water conservation measures for all water users within the city. This policy applies to residential and commercial users, although commercial users, parks, churches, and schools will be on different schedules. 

Residential properties with house numbers ending in an odd number will be allowed to water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Property house numbers ending in an even number will be allowed to water Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Spot watering with secondary water from a hose is allowed on Sundays. Restrictions will be enforced with a warning for the first violation, a $50 fine for the second violation, and a $200 fine for the third and subsequent violations. 

The state of Utah continues to face serious drought conditions and the city encourages residents to utilize water-wise techniques to conserve water. Helpful information can be found online at slowtheflow.org. 

The city also encourages residents to schedule a free water check, which analyzes the efficiency of individual sprinkler systems. This is performed by trained workers who will provide a customized watering schedule. To schedule this water check, please visit slowtheflow.org or call 877-728-3420. Additional information on watering guidelines may found at chwater.org.

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