April 24, 2013

CEDAR HILLS – On April 23 the City Council proclaimed April 25, 2013, as Autism Awareness Day in Cedar Hills. April is known nationally as Autism Awareness Month. Autism is a complex developmental disability, which typically appears during the first three years of life and affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. Autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is a “spectrum disorder,” which affects individuals differently and to varying degrees. There is no known single cause of autism. In March 2012 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that the prevalence of autism had risen to one in every 88 births in the Untied Sated and almost one in 54 boys. Currently, the Autism Society estimates that the lifetime cost for caring for a child with autism ranges from $3.5 million to $5 million, and that the United States is facing almost $90 billion annually in costs for autism. The Autism Awareness Ribbon, which consists of several colorful puzzle pieces, is the most recognized symbol of the autism community in the world.
“We are happy to make this proclamation as a small way to raise awareness in our community,” stated Mayor Gary Gygi. “Autism affects millions around the world and even many in our city. We encourage residents to learn more about autism and to find ways to support those in our community who struggle with this disability.”
The Autism Society is the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization and exists to improve the lives of all affected by autism. This is done by increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research, and advocacy. Additional information may be found online at www.autism-society.org.