May 5, 2017

CEDAR HILLS – As part of an ongoing monitoring process of city water resources after the Tibble Fork sediment release, Cedar Hills recently obtained water, soil, and sediment samples from throughout the city to test for possible contamination. Water samples were taken from the Pond 10 weir at the golf course, Pond 12, and at the Heritage Park diversion dam. Soil samples were taken at Mesquite Park, and sediment samples were taken from Pond 10, the creek bed at Heritage Park, and at Hole 10 of the golf course. These samples were sent to Chemtech-Ford for testing. 

The results were presented during the May 2, 2017 City Council meeting, with a representative from the Department of Environmental Quality discussing the findings. Results show that the total metal concentrations in the water, soil, and sediment samples were below the recommended values for recreational and irrigation use. Based on this information, as well as test results on other samples provided by American Fork City and DEQ, it was determined that the soil, sediment, and irrigation water throughout the city is safe to use for irrigation and recreation. 
“While the information we had previously received from DEQ stated that there were no unsafe levels of metal contaminants in the water we receive from American Fork Canyon, it was reassuring to get these results based on samples from our city,” stated Mayor Gary Gygi. “We have made our report public and are happy to discuss with anyone who has questions.” 

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