January 8, 2013

CEDAR HILLS – Cedar Hills officials and staff are proud to announce a new program, the Cedar HillsChampions. This program will recognize and honor Cedar Hills residents who achieve noteworthyaccomplishments in academics, athletics, leadership, arts, business, and community service.

On January 8, 2013, the City Council will recognize the City’s first Cedar Hills Champion, HerbWilkinson. Herb made the game-winning shot at the 1944 NCAA National Championship game whileplaying for the University of Utah basketball team and went on to be an All-Star player at the Universityof Iowa. Shortly after graduation, Wilkinson received an offer to play for the Minneapolis Lakers of theBasketball Association of America. He agreed with the stipulation that his contract include a provisionthat he not play on Sundays. He played several preseason games but when the owner noticed Wilkinsonwas absent one Sunday he was told he had to play Sundays or be released from the team. Wilkinson leftthe team and went on to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Wilkinson has participated in track and field events at various senior games. In 2012 he competed in theHuntsman Senior Games, a tournament similar to the Olympics representing more than 90 countries,where he won a silver medal and four gold medals. Overall, Wilkinson has won more than 160 medals.
“Mr. Wilkinson has a wonderful attitude and determination that has led to many successes throughout hislife,” stated Mayor Gary Gygi. “He is an inspiration to us all and I am proud to recognize him on behalfof all Cedar Hills residents.”

The recognition ceremony will take place during the January 8 City Council meeting at 7:00pm at theCedar Hills Community Recreation Center.______________________________________________________Media inquiries can be sent to Jenney Rees at jrees@cedarhills.org.