March 17, 2023

During the process of installing secondary water/PI meters, the City may be removing City-owned stop and waste valves to accommodate the new meter. If homeowners have been using this City-owned valve as their primary method to turn on/off their irrigation water, they will be responsible to install their own valve, if it is needed. If you choose not to install a replacement valve, and you need your water turned off for any reason, you will be required to contact the City to come out and turn it off for you. It is unlawful for anyone not employed by the City to tamper with any meter or meter box.
When the pressurized irrigation system is energized in April, we ask for residents to be patient. With all of the work that has been done throughout the City, both for PI meter installation and the UTOPIA fiber project, there is potential for line damage or breaks. If breaks to individual sprinkler systems have occurred due to contractor work in the PUE, the contractor will be responsible to make the needed repairs. We will be working closely with the contractors to ensure that landscaping/sprinklers within the Public Utility Easement (PUE) are properly restored.