February 21, 2016

If you have an Internet connection and an email address, you can view current and past statements online at XpressBillPay.com. Once the account is established on Xpress Bill Pay, select the paperless billing option. “Read More” below for the benefits, options, and step-by-step instructions to setup payments using one of the many auto-pay options.

Benefits of Paperless Billing

There are many benefits of paperless billing using Xpress Bill Pay: (1) Monthly statements are sent to your email address; (2) Several years of past statements are viewable: (3) Many auto-pay options are available, using all major credit cards, debit cards, and checking or savings accounts; (4) View and pay your bill at any time, day or night; (5) It’s free!

Those who do not opt out of paper billing or wish to continue receiving paper statements will receive a monthly fee of $1.35 for the pass-through cost of printing and mailing the bill. 

Payment Options

While on Xpress Bill Pay, we encourage everyone to setup automatic payments using one of the many auto-pay options. Payments will also continue to be received in the 24/7 drop box in the fire station parking lot on Cedar Hills Drive, by regular mail, or at the city’s front desk during regular business hours. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

View the step-by-step instructions to set up paperless billing and/or online automatic payments. Do it now, so your account is ready to go by the end of July for the August billing cycle.

“How Will I Receive the City’s Newsletter?”

With the city going to paperless billing, residents will receive the monthly newsletter via email. Please verify that we have on file the address to which you would like the newsletter sent. Please contact the city with this information, along with your property address so we can tie it to your email. You can call the front desk at: 801-785-9668, ext. 100, email frontdesk@cedarhills.org, or write the information on the reverse side of your payment stub. If you already receive email messages from the city from time to time regarding water conservation measures or other subjects, this will be the email address the city will use to send you the newsletter each month. There is no need to contact the city, unless there is an update or correction to your contact information. The monthly newsletter, along with past newsletters, will always be available on the city’s website.