November 29, 2016

During the winter months, keeping roadways clear of vehicles increases safety for other drivers and reduces obstructions during snow removal. If cars are parked on a street during snow removal operations, the street may not get plowed, due to an increased risk for damage and collision. 

Parking on a Cedar Hills street is prohibited:

  • When snow is falling
  • When there is a visible amount of snow on the street
  • When the street hasn’t been plowed
  • Between the hours of 1:00am and 7:00am (November 1 through March 31)
  • During snow/ice removal
  • For any continuous period of more than 48 hours

Keep Sidewalks Clear of  Snow & Ice: Please assure that city sidewalks abutting your property have been cleared of snow and ice. This will provide safer travel for pedestrians. Snow from sidewalks or driveways should never be placed in the street.

Snow Plows: Please maintain a safe distance from snow plows to avoid reduced visibility behind and next to the plow. Snow plows may need to travel slower than regular traffic. Please be patient and give the snow plow drivers room to do their job.