August 31, 2022

Do you have an old couch or extra trash but don’t know where to dispose of it?  DON’T USE A DUMPSTER THAT ISN’T YOURS!  The City, as well as local churches and schools, have seen a sharp increase in illegal dumping.  The City just received a fine for weight overages on a number of their dumpsters due to this problem.  Cedar Ridge Elementary school reported that their recycling dumpster was not able to be emptied due to non-recyclable items that were put in their enclosed receptacle.  Their security camera caught an individual dumping a couch into the dumpster late one evening.  The City has also experienced this type of illegal activity and will be installing cameras and locks on their dumpsters.


The City provides each household two (2) FREE passes to the dump each year as well as an annual Spring Clean Up where you can dispose of your unwanted items.  PLEASE DO NOT help yourself to a dumpster that doesn’t belong to you.  Violators will be cited.