October 2, 2012

At the regularly scheduled City Council meeting on Sept. 18, the mayor appointed three new alternate members to the Planning Commission: Bradley Weber, Michael Geddes, and Emily Cox. Tonya Edvalson succeeded from an alternate to a regular member. With the appointment of former Planning Commission member Daniel Zappala to the City Council and the resignation of Cliff Chandler as commission chair, the positions became vacant. Former vice-chair, Glenn Dodge, succeeded to chair, and commission member, Donald Steele, succeeded to vice-chair for the remainder of the term. Other current members of the commission are Craig Clement and David Driggs. In a written statement, Chair Glenn Dodge said, “Cedar Hills is a unique city, located in a unique spot here in Utah County. I will work with the new administration to preserve this uniqueness by supporting the development of new businesses and parks and encouraging continued family values, for which Cedar Hills is known. All this will result in a well-planned, functional, and aesthetically pleasing city.”

Trent Augustus, City Council representative to the Planning Commission, said in a written statement: “Over the past few months the City has seen its fair share of change. I have full confidence in Chairman Dodge and Vice-Chair Steele and their abilities to carry the City forward with the great things that are happening. I would also like to say thank you to the three new members of the Planning Commission and for their desire to step up and serve the residents of Cedar Hills.” 

Councilmember Augustus also acknowledged the excellent leadership provided by Cliff Chandler, who served as a commission member since 2006 and commission chair since 2008: “I have known Cliff for several years now, both when I was serving on the Planning Commission and now most recently as I have been associated with the commission as a council member. He has been instrumental in moving significant projects forward in Cedar Hills, such as the development of Mesquite Park and many of our commercial businesses: Wal-Mart, Chase Bank, McDonalds, Osmond Senior Living, and Hart’s Gas and Food. Cliff will leave a lasting, positive contribution to many of the City codes and ordinances for years to come. I am confident in saying that our city is a better place because of the selfless service he rendered. My sincere and heartfelt thanks goes out to Cliff and his family for the many years of dedication and sacrifice he has provided to our city.”