October 31, 2013

We have just finished a new conference room in the Community Recreation Center for small business meetings, company training events, movie nights, etc. The room comfortably seats 10 people around the table with room for eight additional chairs. The room also features a flat-screen TV monitor; a small sink, fridge, and microwave; and large windows, which overlook the valley. The room is available for $30/hour. Special room packages are being worked up for small groups that would like to golf and have lunch at Sammy’s. For more information or to book the room, contact the City’s recreation director, Greg Gordon, by e-mail at recreation@cedarhills.org or call 801-785-9668, ext. 601.

Based on availability, two recently finished fitness rooms in the basement are also available for $30/hour for one room or both rooms for $50/hour. Many groups have already utilized the completed areas for events and activities such as fitness classes, reading time, youth city council, offsite safety district meetings, training meetings, etc. We look forward to the community being able to access and utilize the center for many years to come.