Earlier this year the State Legislature passed a new law, which mandates that cities plan for moderate income housing growth by adopting a moderate income housing plan. Cities are also now required to report on and publish data indicating the number of housing units in the city that qualify as low-income and moderate-income. While Cedar Hills does not have any housing that would quality as low-income, there are some accessory apartments that will qualify as moderate-income housing. In order to comply with this new legislation, the City Council recently approved an updated ordinance related to basement apartments, or accessory dwelling units (ADU’s). In addition to complying with state legislation, the new ordinance makes it easier for residents to own and operate ADU’s within Cedar Hills. Some of the updates include:

· A permit and certificate of occupancy is required, but registration fees will only be assessed once per homeowner. Annual fees will no longer be required.

· Impact fees will no longer be assessed.

· Addresses for the main home and the ADU will be the same; however, the ADU will be listed with the city as the “B” unit so that first responders can be made aware of ADU’s and respond to the appropriate entrance in case of an emergency.

· Existing ADU’s that have not yet been registered with the city may qualify for some exceptions to the updated code.

The newly adopted code related to accessory apartments may soon be found online in Cedar Hills City Code §10-5-32.

While we want to make the process of building and registering an ADU easier, homeowners who wish to have an ADU will still be required to meet building code requirements as they relate to safety (smoke detectors, safe electrical and plumbing, hand rails, etc.), and ordinances that apply to single-family homes, such as off-street parking, will also apply to ADU’s. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the updated ordinance, or have questions on how to register an ADU, please contact the city’s recorder, Colleen Mulvey, at 801-785-9668, ext. 503, or email cmulvey@cedarhills.org

Jenney Rees