Spring is finally here! I am anxious for the warmer weather and for more opportunities to enjoy the beautiful parks and trails we have in Cedar Hills.

While there are many wonderful things that come with warmer weather, one struggle that is faced by cities is a slight increase in property crimes. For our community this is mainly due to more doors and garages being left open or unlocked, and property being left outside. While Cedar Hills is a safe city and has low crime rates, I wanted to share some tips that I learned from a training provided by the American Fork Police Department last year.

 Check car doors before going to bed. Most vehicle burglaries in Cedar Hills (96%) show no sign of forced entry and are assumed to have occurred on unlocked vehicles.

 Make sure the garage door is shut and the house doors are locked. There were nine home burglaries in Cedar Hills in 2017, and all of them but one were due to a garage or door being left open.

 If a neighbor has left their garage door open after dusk, let them know.

 Immediately report suspicious behavior to the American Fork Police. There have been instances when residents have reported seeing suspicious activity after a crime was already committed. If something seems odd, report it. The police are happy to investigate any concerns.

 Teach teens to be a resource for reporting suspicious activity. Many teens come home late at night and may see something suspicious. Talk to your teens about what to look for and when to call 911.

 Leave exterior lights at night. Well-lit areas deter crime. For information on free training sessions and other services that the American Fork Police Department provides, please follow their Facebook page. We appreciate the men and women who serve our community through our public safety partnerships. 

Mayor Jenney Rees