March 5, 2013

Believe it or not the snow is melting and vegetation will again begin to adorn trees and bushes. March is a good time to trim back vegetation, including trees, bushes, and hedges, so our sidewalks and street signs are free from obstruction. The City’s Code Enforcement Officer would like to remind residents to be aware of any of the following definitions in the City Code that constitute a “nuisance.” 

Weeds: Noxious weeds located on vacant lots or other property, along public sidewalks or the outer edge of any public street, or weeds in any other location that constitute a fire hazard.

Improper Accumulations: Accumulation of soil, litter, debris, plant trimmings or trash, visible from the street or an adjoining property.

Vegetation: Dead, decayed, diseased or hazardous trees, weeds, hedges and overgrown or uncultivated vegetation that is in a hazardous condition, is an obstruction to pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or that is likely to harbor rats, vermin or other pests.

Landscaping and Turf: The front yard area of any existing lot containing a dwelling shall be landscaped. Landscaping shall be properly maintained, including removing weeds and mowing turf areas. Turf grass shall not exceed six inches (6″) in height.