Karate Classes by Sangaku-kan West

Classes offered by Cedar Hills Community Services, creates a fun, multi-level Karate training experience for children age six and up, including adults. The one hour classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays for the different levels.
Ages: 6+, including adults
Price: $100 for 10 weeks of instruction.
Online registration and specific start dates are available HERE!

*Respect is a key component of the karate program and martial arts can be dangerous if a student is not attentive. If your child is acting out and disrupting the class, it will result first in a time out, and students will be asked to wait for a parent. You will be notified and asked to attend class. If bad behavior continues and the student cannot be respectful to the other participants your child may be asked to leave the program so others can continue to enjoy learning karate.

-Thank you.