Earlier this year the jurisdiction of Canyon Road was transferred from the State to the County. City staff and officials have had several conversations with UDOT and Utah County Commissioners regarding the condition of Canyon Road, to bring awareness to the safety concerns we have. Funding sources have been identified that would help make some of the necessary improvements; however, the County has full control over what improvements will be made, and County officials have expressed that they do not consider Canyon Road a high priority. After further discussion, the County has indicated that they may be willing to improve the road to a higher standard if Cedar Hills and Pleasant Grove are willing to handle snow plowing, storm drain maintenance, sign maintenance, and general cleanup. Our city manager has reported that this would cost Cedar Hills approximately $12,500-$14,500 each year, which is considerably cheaper than the County’s original proposal of having the cities take complete ownership of the road. The Council has asked staff to gather more information on what specific improvements the County will make, collect details of an ongoing maintenance schedule, and to identify any other potential concerns. We will continue to work with the County and hope to soon agree on a solution that provides the necessary improvements to Canyon Road. Any questions or concerns can be directed to any member of the City Council or to the city manager.