December 2, 2020

Harvey Park, Cedar Hills, UT
Dear playground enthusiasts,
In our monthly newsletter, “Project of the Month”, Berliner Creative Centre showcases projects we feel are deserving of special mention. Criteria for inclusion might be a playground’s unique play value, special circumstances surrounding its construction, or perhaps its individuality, size or location. We hope you enjoy the article. Perhaps it might even inspire you in the creation of your own unique playground.
Travel to Cedar Hills, UT and you’ll find a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains, Utah Lake and Utah Valley. You’ll also find it to be home to adventure and popular attractions, the latest of which is Harvey Park, a newly built space-themed park and playground featuring Berliner climbing structures, slides, a zipline and a small toddler playground.

The City of Cedar Hills and landscape architects, In Site Design Group, settled on a space-themed concept that included planets, stars, suns, and rocket ships throughout the park, including a custom designed turf. The shapes of Berliner’s play structures completed the space concept.
Harvey Park, Cedar Hills, UT - Pegasus
With a height of almost 24 feet and play capacity of 74 children, Berliner’s Pegasus is a huge “space ship” play structure providing children with unlimited play opportunities. Climb up, down and side-to-side on this 3-dimensional rope climber or climb to the catwalk and enjoy the stunning view of Wasatch Mountains. You’ll also find the Pegasus connects to the Cosmo, a play structure round like a planet. With its original stainless-steel framework complemented with blue ropes, the light glints off the curve of the steel for a spacier feel. Part of the beauty of the playground is in how the play equipment connects – the Pegasus to the ropes and to the Cosmo – so that children can enjoy creative game play on multiple pieces without ever touching the ground!

Net structures offer hours of fun and adventure for children. The unique free play and net climbing configurations challenge a child’s motor skills, increases their self-confidence, stimulates imaginative play, and improves muscle development and balancing skills. Rope play poses endless play options with no prescribed entry points or specific paths to follow.

The net/rope structure also offers visual transparency. Since net-based structures don’t have the same solid surfaces as traditional post and deck structures, they are a unique and ideal solution when a great view is desired and for keeping sight lines open.
Harvey Park, Cedar Hills, UT - Nets
Harvey Park, Cedar Hills, UT - sight line
Harvey Park, Cedar Hills, UT - Cosmo
Using the Triis, a smaller climbing area was created for younger children. With their whimsical beauty, the Triis give young children the same features as older children, only lower to the ground. Enjoy watching as they interact with the rope features, finding where their confidence level takes them, feeling out where their comfort level lies. They’re even big enough for mom and dad to sit in!
Harvey Park, Cedar Hills, UT - Triis
Like no ordinary play equipment, the Butterfly, a single, freestanding playpoint, is more artistic than normal play equipment. Combining design, style, and coolness, it attracts the interest of children and adults alike. The shapes used in a contemporary stainless-steel design, appear to be a butterfly, maybe a teeter totter or another bug, yet leaves plenty of room for the imagination. Children come upon it then discover all the ways to play on it!
Harvey Park, Cedar Hills, UT - Butterfly
When looking for the most epic slide ride, one that is super-fast, look no further than the “Fast Lane Slide.” Children love the fantastic, fast, and colorful slide. Made from a thick HDPE plastic to ensure durability, it is very different from a standard plastic slide and very customizable. If you can imagine it, this slide can accommodate it. Just look at the custom theming built into another “Fast Lane Slide” created to look like a rocket. What a wild ride!

From smaller slides to big slide fun, this 12-foot stainless-steel slide has built-in portholes giving sliders a glimpse of the stars and space as they zoom down the slide. Just shows that even portholes can be fun!

It’s fun to see how the kids make all of these structures work for them and their imaginations.
Harvey Park, Cedar Hills, UT - Fast Slide
Harvey Park, Cedar Hills, UT - Fast Slide
Harvey Park, Cedar Hills, UT - steel tube slide
This park has become immensely popular since opening with a constant deluge coming to check this space-themed playground out!

With our best regards from Berlin,

Berliner Creative Centre