February 17, 2022

There are many reasons that one would love the environment found in Heritage Park. It could be the trail system that runs along the creek, shade trees and benches along the path, playgrounds for children, areas for family gatherings, or a place to play sports. Whatever your reason for loving Heritage Park, we hope that you will love the renewal projects that will enhance the experience found in this public place. City staff have been working with the City Council and landscape architects to design some updates to Heritage Park that will enhance the existing amenities. In the coming months, construction will begin on the following items:

  • North parking lot expansion
  • A large pavilion on the north side of the park
  • A hillside play structure on the east side of the creek
  • Planting new shade trees
  • Installation of benches
  • Bathroom renovation

To prepare for this project, some trees have been removed. Many of the trees that were removed were older poplars that had begun to hollow out and had become hazardous during high winds. Additionally, these poplars have shallow root systems that allow the tree to grow fast, but cause surface problems with exposed roots that damage mowers. It is expected that construction will begin in the next few weeks and will run through 2022. When the project is complete, we hope that there will be new reasons to love Heritage Park and the many amenities it offers to our community.