February 4, 2022

Multiple residents have approached the City and wondered why they are not allowed to use the golf course cart paths for recreation activities such as walking; on Tuesday, the City Council discussed this item. Cedar Hills has never allowed pedestrians to use the paths for walking. During most of the year, the course is open for golf and this would obviously cause an issue with the two activities in one spot. But why not allow the use of the course during the wintertime when golfers are not present? The City strives to maintain the trails and keep them clear during the winter months, this creates a safe environment for walkers. The golf course trails are not maintained for pedestrian use during these months; the snow is not cleared, and the paths are not salted. More importantly, keeping other non-golf activities off of the course is an effort to prevent vandalism. During the golf season, we have more employees, course marshals and golfers who help to police and report suspicious activity. Despite all of this, we still have instances of vandalism. When we don’t have eyes on the course, the instances of vandalism increase dramatically. These occur during the winter months, and in the evenings when the course is closed. We have had everything from people driving golf balls off of the upper greens causing thousands of dollars in damage, to people defecating in the golf cups. Keeping people who are not paying golf customers off of the course is a matter of safety, but it is also a matter of protecting an important asset. The City provides miles of maintained trails for pedestrian use, and we kindly request that people do not use the course for any activities other than golf. If you happen to see any suspicious activity on the course, please don’t hesitate to report that to either the City or to American Fork Police.