March 24, 2023

We are anxiously awaiting warmer, dryer weather and can’t wait to open the golf course! We are hopeful that Mother Nature will cooperate and the course will open this week. When the golf course is closed, or if you are not a paying golf customer, please be aware that being on the course is considered trespassing.  
  • During the winter months, the turf is very vulnerable to damage. Walking, driving or golfing on the grass when the conditions are very wet or when there is snow or frost can negatively impact the health of the grass.
  • The paths throughout the golf course are intended for golfers. There are miles of pedestrian trails throughout the City to enjoy, so please do not use the golf cart paths as a walking trail.
  • If you live along the course, please make sure that you are not on the course, in the ponds, or encroaching onto the golf course property.
If you see someone trespassing or causing damage to the golf course, please contact the City Office or the police. If we work together, the golf course will continue to be a beautiful asset to our community. Have you ever golfed at the Cedar Hills Golf Club? 
Residents receive a free round of golf every year – here is the link for your certificate.